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Problems with lilypond-book after upgrade

From: TS Sunhede Fulk
Subject: Problems with lilypond-book after upgrade
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 11:42:23 +0200

Hey everyone,

This is a two part problem -- the problem before the upgrade and the problem after the upgrade.

I just upgraded Lilypond from 2.2.0 to 2.3.4 via Fink. I wanted to see if that would fix a problem that I was having with Lilypond-book. I am creating a songbook with many songs (I used \lilypondfile{} in Latex). I wanted the header information to appear for each song, so I followed the crappy, I mean sparse, instructions in the manual (adding \preLilyPondExample, etc.). However, that did not work (one of the errors was "\postLilyPondExample not defined").

So I upgraded Lilypond. The examples still don't have header information printed, and now there are a bunch of other problems. The biggest is that lyrics are no longer printed ("dvips: Font ecrm10 not found, characters will be left blank.").

Has anyone gotten a songbook with each song having header information printed in Lilypond-book? Could someone write a full explanation (i.e., no steps left out -- and lots of good examples) for how to do this in Latex/Lilypond-book (that explanation should then be added to the manual, which is extremely cryptic and telescopic for those of us who don't know Python or TeX).

Can someone also help me with the font problem? Is it a Fink problem, or do I just need to rerun all the songs in the new version of Lilypond (boring)?

Thanks in advance,
Ted S. Sunhede Fulk
Örebro, Sweden

PS. I love Lilypond, but the manual is really awful. You really need to write it with a user/reader who has no programming experience in mind.

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