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Re: Problems with lilypond-book after upgrade

From: Walter Hofmeister
Subject: Re: Problems with lilypond-book after upgrade
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 15:24:02 -0600
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On 6/16/04 4:10 PM, "Han-Wen Nienhuys" <address@hidden> wrote:

> address@hidden writes:
>> PS. I love Lilypond, but the manual is really awful. You really need to
>> write it with a user/reader who has no programming experience in mind.
While this might be true for some parts of the manual, I personally think
the manual has improved significantly over the last versions after 1.9. I
think that there are places in the manual that could use examples when there
aren't any, and I think the whole business of tweaking could be improved as
others have confessed on this list that inputting the notes and getting them
to print really doesn't take any longer that any other notation program. But
there is a LOT of time spent on the tweaking stage.
    I have noticed that over the last year there have been repeated requests
for how to do certain things (height of alternative ending and getting
chords to appear at the correct height). Perhaps much of this could be
solved by having an organized document that is included with the Lilypond
documentation or can be downloaded from the site that includes a catalogue
of tweaks. If you want to do something common, you look to this document and
simply copy the text from it and paste it into your .ly file, change the
numbers to suit you and away you go! I would be willing to help with such a

Walter Hofmeister

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