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Methods of working

From: Cameron and Trudy Horsburgh
Subject: Methods of working
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 21:59:48 +1000
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I've been wondering lately how other people organise their workflow, the tools used, and how they actually go through the typesetting process. Given the number of different platforms supported, I imagine this would vary widely.

I use GNU/Linux, normally with a KDE desktop. I use the kwrite editor. This doesn't have a lilyPond highlighting mode, but for a lot of my work the LaTex mode seems helpful. I'll also have a console open to my working directory, and I'll have the Konqueror file browser open at the same spot. Once I've done some work, I'll save the file, run 'lilypond' in the console (the arrow up feature in bash makes this very easy) and then open the pdf into Konqueror. One of the nice things about Konqueror's default (I think!) set up is that it automatically refreshes the display when anything changes, so once the binary runs the rendered document pops up for proofing almost immediately.

I'm also starting to play around with Emacs, but it'll be a while before I'm comfortable enough with it to trust myself doing anything important. I do like the CVS interface--I've been wondering how to version my work efficiently.

As I say, I'd be quite interested to hear how others do their work, and if there are any good ideas out there about how we can all improve our efficiency!


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