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Re: Methods of working

From: Alex Young
Subject: Re: Methods of working
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 15:12:40 +0000
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On Thursday 24 June 2004 11:59, Cameron and Trudy Horsburgh wrote:
> I use GNU/Linux, normally with a KDE desktop. I use the kwrite editor.
> This doesn't have a lilyPond highlighting mode, but for a lot of my work
> the LaTex mode seems helpful. I'll also have a console open to my
> working directory, and I'll have the Konqueror file browser open at the
> same spot. Once I've done some work, I'll save the file, run 'lilypond
>' in the console (the arrow up feature in bash makes this very
> easy) and then open the pdf into Konqueror. One of the nice things about
> Konqueror's default (I think!) set up is that it automatically refreshes
> the display when anything changes, so once the binary runs the rendered
> document pops up for proofing almost immediately.
Almost exactly what my current setup is, except with nedit rather than kwrite.  
My main work machine is a little memory-disadvantaged, and kwrite's startup 
time was getting to me, so I switched.  I've looked into making a syntax 
highlighting mode, and it shouldn't be too tricky - someone may already have 
done this, but I haven't looked.

It has struck me more than once that a windowed desktop environment isn't 
necessarily the best for lilypond work.  I'm trying out an ion setup that has 
a nice, big preview pane on the left for the ps/pdf output, and small panes 
for the editor and console on the right.  It looks and feels pretty smart, 
but I'm still learning my way around ion, so it's a little tricky at times.

By the way, I put together a small python script to watch a file for 
modifications and call a command when it spots them - I put it up at  It's not too flexible, though.  Anyone 
know a better way (or even the Right Way)?

See You Later,
- -- 
Alex Young
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