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Re: Methods of working

From: Arvid Grøtting
Subject: Re: Methods of working
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 13:48:14 +0200
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Han-Wen Nienhuys  <address@hidden> writes:

> address@hidden writes:
>> A not-too-complicated 4-voice TTBB piece with lyrics usually enters at
>> about 2 hours a page for me, at the moment.
> The numbers that I hear surpise me much. For (admittedly: simple)
> polyphonic pieces (eg. mozart, gabrieli), I do about 4 to 5 pages per
> hour; Usually, I don't even use point-and-click.

Lyrics do complicate matters; are your scores with or without them?

Also, my figures include tweaking and some proofreading.  Proofreading
is exactly the phase where point-and-click would be useful, provided
it works well enough (I can hardly wait to get home and try it).

> I enter each polyphonic line separately, matching linebreaks in the
> manuscript and the .ly source (this helps debugging a lot).

Same as me, then.

> I also use plenty octave and barchecks.

I use barchecks all the time, but not octave checks.  Haven't gotten
the habit, I guess.

> During debugging, I only process the voice I'm entering, and leave
> out the others.

I usually don't care about that, mostly because everyone will be using
the same score anyway; that's how choral music works, usually.

Oh, and I guess you're probably a lot more intimate with Lilypond than
I am.  ;-)



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