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Re: Which frontend?

From: Eyolf Ostrem
Subject: Re: Which frontend?
Date: Tue, 2 May 2006 00:45:03 +0200
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Thanks for all your replies to my query. It has really been helpful, in many 
1. I finally went through the pains of configuring emacs with lilypond-mode 
and lyqi (the 'pains' part comes partly from my reluctance to use emacs in 
the first place - I still find vim to be vastly superior as an editor - 
partly from some initial problems with the setup), and it's great! With lyqi, 
I can 'play' in the notes from the keyboard, already almost as fast as in 
Finale, where I have years of experience and a good technique (if I may say 
so), and I can only imagine the speed I will reach once I get the key presses 
into my fingers. 
I also have immediate midi playback, which is necessary for fast typing. And 
with the lilypond-mode, pdf generation, midi playback, and other functions 
are within two-three key presses (albeit involving the horrible emacs ctrl 
key combos, but I can live with that...). 
2. I've received confirmation that my problems with jEdit are not mine alone. 
With emacs working its wonders, I have no need for another text-editor-based 
solution. Bye, jEdit - nice meeting you, but we weren't meant for eachoter.
3. NoteEdit not only seems to be the best gui alternative, but also the one 
where new things are happening. I will try out the latest SVN version (I'm 
currently running 2.8), which apparently has some of the features I have been 
missing. There are situations where a direct graphical interface is necessary 
(such as transcriptions from renaissance part-books, which I do quite a lot).


If Microsoft uses the breakup as an opportunity to port Office, and its
infernal Dancing Paper Clip, to my Linux operating system, heads will fly!
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   -- Linus Torvalds, when asked by Humorix for his reaction
      to the proposed Microsoft two-way split

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