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Re: New doc website development

From: Patrick McCarty
Subject: Re: New doc website development
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 18:17:46 -0700

Hi Till,

On Fri, Oct 10, 2008 at 12:43 PM, Till Rettig <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> sporadically following the discussion about the ongoing work on the new
> documentation web site. It is improving every day and looks really really
> good. Great job!


> I have a couple of things I thought you might (re)consider:
> first the width of the text div: I know this has been discussed earlier, but
> I just want to vote also for a version that makes the lines being not longer
> than 80em. I also think the picture boxes which are empty for most of their
> space look a bit funny, I guess they would also shrink automatically with
> something like that. Don't know if there are examples extenting over this
> border, sure it depends on the current screen size. Maybe lilypond could be
> also told a "page"width number (if it doesn't yet)

By `text div', you mean the div with the main docs, right?  If you
would like the maximum line width to be 80em, what sort of page layout
would you propose?  I am having trouble visualizing how this would

I'll consider your suggestion for the blockquoted sections.  I don't
think it's possible to have the musical examples adjust to the page
width, since the maximum widths are hardcoded when the docs are

> The scrollbars: I think the scrollbar for the contents div should always be
> on, don't remember how to achive this, something like setting height to
> 101%? So there won't be the switch when some subsections get opened.

This is a very interesting suggestion!  I'll think about it.

> On my 1024x768 there is also a scrollbar on the bottom but it is useless
> because it is always 100% long. Does this have to be there? On this small
> screen it eats up a relatively big space.

Are you using Firefox 2 (or a browser that uses Gecko 1.8)?  Because
this is a known issue for those browsers.

> Otherwise I have been told you should make a site for a resolution of
> 800x600 still readable, I guess you would really need much scrolling with
> this kind of screen. (this is a bit ot for me since I don't have such a
> screen, though)

I'll see if I can test the layout in this resolution soon.

> This observation I made on today.
> Thanks for you big work so far!

Thanks for your feedback!


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