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Re: New doc website development

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: New doc website development
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2008 11:05:50 +0300
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Patrick McCarty schrieb:

By `text div', you mean the div with the main docs, right?  If you
would like the maximum line width to be 80em, what sort of page layout
would you propose?  I am having trouble visualizing how this would
I was thinking about bigger screens, so they could somehow center the whole content so a
fixed width, where the content has a fixed max width and the contents also. Min width
should of course change according to the resolution so you don't have to scroll horizontally.
I'll consider your suggestion for the blockquoted sections.  I don't
think it's possible to have the musical examples adjust to the page
width, since the maximum widths are hardcoded when the docs are
What if we set the max width in the hardcoded scripts smaller?
I also discovered afterwards already mentioned issures with the appendices in NR:
eg the feta font list is a picture 600px wide so it would render bad in lower resolutions.
It was also mentioned that blind people don't understand the picture.
The scrollbars: I think the scrollbar for the contents div should always be
on, don't remember how to achive this, something like setting height to
101%? So there won't be the switch when some subsections get opened.

This is a very interesting suggestion!  I'll think about it.
On my 1024x768 there is also a scrollbar on the bottom but it is useless
because it is always 100% long. Does this have to be there? On this small
screen it eats up a relatively big space.

Are you using Firefox 2 (or a browser that uses Gecko 1.8)?  Because
this is a known issue for those browsers.
Ok, so that's the reason, indeed under Firefox 3 it doesn't happen. Happy to switch this year, hopefully...


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