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Re: Transposing help.

From: Gilles Sadowski
Subject: Re: Transposing help.
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 03:51:00 +0100
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> If someone could download the music and help me out here I would greatly
> appreciate it.

It is mentioned, on the Mutopia page for that piece that this score uses
LilyPond v2.6.4.  Did you compile it with the right version? In fact, I
guess that you have a much more recent version installed.
So you must convert all the files to the right version. There is a tool
called "convert-ly" that would do that, but it needs the "\version"
statement at the top of the file; which is missing in the piece you refer
to. So you have to add it there yourself, then run "convert-ly", then
add the "\transpose" statement, and try again to compile.


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