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Re: Quarter-tone notation with arrows

From: Graham Breed
Subject: Re: Quarter-tone notation with arrows
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 2009 10:29:39 +0800
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Joseph Wakeling wrote:

Another reason could be that if your quarter-tones are _approximate_
rather than precise, it can be helpful to know which of the 12 standard
notes you are bending.

If there's some intuitive reason for choosing different logical equivalents, perhaps that should be reflected in different pitch alterations anyway.

Graham Breed wrote me a nice note suggesting defining some kind of
override or tweak to redefine the symbol on the fly, but considering it
I think I'll probably go with 'cheaty' definitions of pitch alterations,
like +/- 101/400 (or 1001/4000 or whatever seems most appropriate:-)

Yes, sorry that went privately. I forgot the "shift-ctrl" to reply. The idea is you can only have one set of quartertone symbols at a time, but you can use a \tweak or \override to switch between sets. I have proof of concept examples for pure/mixed Sagittal.

The cheating looks fine until you want to do transpositions. Transposing C up-a-quartertone up by the same quartertone won't give C sharp, for example. If you think it should that's an indication you're treating quartertones equally, of course.


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