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Re: Quarter-tone notation with arrows

From: Joseph Wakeling
Subject: Re: Quarter-tone notation with arrows
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 2009 12:08:59 +0200
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Graham Breed wrote:
> If there's some intuitive reason for choosing different logical
> equivalents, perhaps that should be reflected in different pitch
> alterations anyway.

This was certainly one thought going through my head.  Though it's not
something I write myself, I was also thinking somewhat of Ben Johnston's
notation for just intonation, where each successive addition to the
accidentals (up/down arrows, 13 or upside-down 13, + or -) represents a
successive refinement of the pitch.

This second case might well be best dealt with via 'tweaks' instead of
accidentals in the conventional case.

> The idea is you can only have one set of quartertone symbols at a time,
> but you can use a \tweak or \override to switch between sets.  I have
> proof of concept examples for pure/mixed Sagittal.
> The cheating looks fine until you want to do transpositions.
>  Transposing C up-a-quartertone up by the same quartertone won't give C
> sharp, for example.  If you think it should that's an indication you're
> treating quartertones equally, of course.

That's an interesting point.  It hadn't occurred to me that this might
be an issue -- I don't think I will be using quarter-tone transpositions
in my own writing any time soon -- but I'll do a couple of experiments
to see if I can get my cheat to deal with this possibility.

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