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Re: (de)cresendi syntax

From: Frédéric Bron
Subject: Re: (de)cresendi syntax
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 12:05:37 +0200

> So, I took a look at the issue today and created a patch, which will now allow
> all dynamic spanner starters to be implemented as postfix-operators.
> The short (<15 quite trivial lines!) patch is up for review at:
> Basically, my question for now is whether this the right approach. Call it a
> proof-of-concept patch.
> If so, we'll need to think about possible upgrade paths for the syntax changes
> that are introduced by making all dynamic spanners postfix operators...
> The patch also does not include the actual definitions of things like \dim,
> \cresc, etc.

Wonderful!!! Thanks a lot for this great job!

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