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(de)cresendi syntax

From: Piero Faustini
Subject: (de)cresendi syntax
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 16:48:04 +0200

> recognising the original Italian from is adjectival.

thus sorry for them, but it is WRONG at all. This is plain english syntax rules roughly applied to a foreign language: in english you can say both "the sun keeps raising" and "the raising sun".
But in italian, gerund is never usable as an adjective. The corresponding adjective would be something like "crescente" and thus YES, would need a plural form ("crescenti").
But as an english, you may still want to use gerund "crescendo" as an adjective - thus, in english - no need for a plural form.
When will we burn our dictionaries?


P.S. Why don't we translate ALL Lilypond syntax in italian???  Look:

\nuova Partitura {
\nuovo RigoPianoforte {
\contesto Rigo = "MD" {
\chiave basso 
\relativo do' {
do re mi fa sol...

Can you imagine a better old-fashioned music code?????

Please please please mum please!!!!

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