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Website "easier editing"

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Website "easier editing"
Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 15:13:18 +0100
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Hi all,

Colin Campbell has been working with me on the Introduction of the
new website.  However, we're still debating what to do with the
"Easier editing" page:

In particular, should we:
  1) list all programs that help or produce lilypond input code on
     this page, or

  2) only list a few programs here and list the rest elsewhere?
     (probably somewhere in Usage, with a link from this page
     to that location)

When he began working, he had one opinion and I had the other.
But over the past four months, we've switched positions like a
finely-honed comedy act -- we still disagree, but we've both taken
up the other person's initial position.

The argument for #1: we have a unified place for people to look;
it's easier to update; it's easier to find; etc.

The argument for #2: it doesn't make sense to have algorithmic
programming environments like Strasheela and FOMUS in the same
list as Denemo, Frescobaldi, and LilyPondTool; having the extra
options will only confused newbies; if we keep 4 or 5
"highlighted" programs in this list and move the rest somewhere
else, it won't be much harder to maintain the list; etc.

I'm not particularly looking for votes on this issue -- rather,
I'm looking for reasons for (or against) #1 and #2 that we haven't
thought of.  It would be great if somebody said "we should do #x
because XYZ" and then have us go "of course!  XYZ!  That makes
everything totally clear; we all agree due to XYZ."

If you have other concerns about the website, please don't mention
them here.  I'll be posting other questions once this issue is

- Graham

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