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Re: Website "easier editing"

From: joe ferguson
Subject: Re: Website "easier editing"
Date: Fri, 07 May 2010 12:28:31 -0400
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How about a HTML table: Row per tool, significant attributes per
column?  Attributes would include things like "GUI", "TEXT MODE", "TOOL
MATURITY", "FEATURES", and a link to a fuller description and additional
link in the description to where to get the tool. Descriptions include
constraints, equipment requirements, etc.

The value of the page itself to the user depends much on the search
sophistication of the user.  Some will like one approach, some another. 
If the summary page can convey enough info to be useful without
scrolling, fine, but that shouldn't be a major consideration. If the
user prefers a graphical tool, for instance, (s)he won't be discouraged
by a bit of scrolling!


On 05/07/2010 10:13 AM, Graham Percival wrote:
> Hi all,
> Colin Campbell has been working with me on the Introduction of the
> new website.  However, we're still debating what to do with the
> "Easier editing" page:
> In particular, should we:
>   1) list all programs that help or produce lilypond input code on
>      this page, or
>   2) only list a few programs here and list the rest elsewhere?
>      (probably somewhere in Usage, with a link from this page
>      to that location)
> When he began working, he had one opinion and I had the other.
> But over the past four months, we've switched positions like a
> finely-honed comedy act -- we still disagree, but we've both taken
> up the other person's initial position.
> The argument for #1: we have a unified place for people to look;
> it's easier to update; it's easier to find; etc.
> The argument for #2: it doesn't make sense to have algorithmic
> programming environments like Strasheela and FOMUS in the same
> list as Denemo, Frescobaldi, and LilyPondTool; having the extra
> options will only confused newbies; if we keep 4 or 5
> "highlighted" programs in this list and move the rest somewhere
> else, it won't be much harder to maintain the list; etc.
> I'm not particularly looking for votes on this issue -- rather,
> I'm looking for reasons for (or against) #1 and #2 that we haven't
> thought of.  It would be great if somebody said "we should do #x
> because XYZ" and then have us go "of course!  XYZ!  That makes
> everything totally clear; we all agree due to XYZ."
> If you have other concerns about the website, please don't mention
> them here.  I'll be posting other questions once this issue is
> resolved.
> Cheers,
> - Graham
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