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Re: Transposing instruments in orchestra score

From: Paul Morris
Subject: Re: Transposing instruments in orchestra score
Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 11:28:56 -0700 (PDT)

Jan-Peter Voigt wrote
> I added a snippet to open-lily-lib:

Continuing with the late theme...  :)

Thanks for the snippet Jan-Peter, both as a way to use an engraver, and also
the custom context properties.  I had wondered about custom properties in
the past, so it's nice to see an example of how to do it.  I just did
something similar (but for a different purpose) with a couple of custom grob
properties added to the StaffSymbol grob.  (Basically storing staff-specific
"meta-data" type values per staff rather than in global variables.)

While it's not difficult to copy and paste the code for defining context and
grob properties (if you know where to look), I wonder if it might make sense
to make these functions user-accessible? (i.e. define-public)  Seems like
that would be a simple change that would open up a number of possibilities
like this snippet or for things like [1].  It would at least make them
easier to do. (Maybe there are reasons not to do that that I'm not aware


But that's another topic...  Anyway, looks like this snippet might be a nice
workaround until a more robust solution can be worked out.

A small suggestion: what about using "input-concert-pitch" (or
"input-in-concert-pitch") for your custom property name?  That seems clearer
than "music-concert-pitch" to me.  Although I see in the readme file that
you are rethinking things, so maybe this is a moot point.


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