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Re: openLilyLib

From: Noeck
Subject: Re: openLilyLib
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2016 22:22:36 +0100
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Hi Urs,

I liked the idea of oll from the start and I used it quite often after
you published functions used in the Fried songs publication.
I liked because:
- the nice functions (mostly around the Fried project)
- it's a place where code can go more quickly than into lilypond proper
- the edition engraver is great
- it's like the LSR but, updateable (git pull) and includable (no

But then I never understood how oll is supposed to work after the
restructuring and the restructuring is going on for much too long. So I
decoupled from the remote version and just kept what I had.

I have about six tools I use regularly which I have in a branch of my
local copy of oll and I already wanted to contribute them (if they are
helpful, a few are perhaps too trivial). But the current state is too
confusing for me.

I just respond to your mail, other than that I consider my contribution
and possible future contribution too small to be relevant or to be

Some more comments inline:

> 1)
> A "snippets" library located at

That's the part, I know and like. If I use it for a score and want to
have it standalone, I can just copy a function I need to avoid the
dependency. \include is easy to understand and use.

> 2)
> A library infrastructure. Below there is
> a number of repositories circling around the oll-core package.

I don't understand the point of such an endeavor, yet.

> Unfortunately 2) is still a work in progress or rather a construction
> site 

That's the problem. I remember that I once wanted to use a script and I
found 3 instances in different places and on different branches. One
more outdated than the other. It is a chicken-and-egg problem.

I won't be available for a GSoC project, but in general a library could
be built from small contributions if the infrastructure (module
mechanism) was working and if the general structure was defined.

lyp, oll. What other repositories do you think of?


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