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Re: openLilyLib

From: Noeck
Subject: Re: openLilyLib
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2016 00:37:23 +0100
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Hi Urs,

Am 17.11.2016 um 00:29 schrieb Urs Liska:
> Apart from the fact that this should be renamed to
> "edition-engraver/package.ily" it's not *you* as a user that will see
> the direct benefit. The benefit is that "edition-engraver" is now a
> tangible unit (a repo) that can have an explicit maintainer, a dedicated
> issue tracker and an individual list of people with push access.

I see. I think I misinterpreted quite some things.

> (I pulled this mail because the other one takes substantially longer to
> reply to)

Sure. And I should have done the tests I am doing now, before I wrote
it. It would have been more positive.


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