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Use of \vspace and \hspace

From: Mr Tim
Subject: Use of \vspace and \hspace
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2019 10:17:12 -0500

I am really confused on where I can and cannot use the \vspace and \hspace.  I've seen them inside \column expressions, is that the only place they can be?  Reading the documentation does not help me at all.  So I see it inside \markup { }.  Well, then where can I put \markup?  If markup has to be inside something else, where can I put that something else.  I guess the problem is that every where I try to use \vspace it's an error and the examples in the docs do not help at all.  Can I put them between \score {} expressions?  Apparently not, unless I am missing something else.  Can I put them inside a \score {} at the beginning, again, apparently not unless I am missing something else.  I just really want to understand how this thing works so I can generally use it in my files.

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