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Re: Unable to attach a bend to an \afterGrace note with the bend spanner

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: Unable to attach a bend to an \afterGrace note with the bend spanner
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 11:11:08 +0200

Am Mo., 14. Sept. 2020 um 13:39 Uhr schrieb Kevin Nowaczyk
> Andrew,
> Here is a link to the output that is currently being produced.
> The first three bends are what I want, but I cannot make the final one look 
> the same. This is because I am bending to a grace note on the note that 
> follows the note I want decorated. For this incorrect note, the grace would 
> be in the following measure, so I have to use \afterGrace To keep everything 
> together. However, as you can see, Lilypond renders two of these notes when 
> the bend is used. I have not figured out how to hide these \afterGrace notes.
> Kevin

Hi Kevin,

the bend-engraver-thingies are not part of core LilyPond.
Please post at least the link where you got it, otherwise you'll not
get a lot of help ...

That said, using the bending-code on my machine, with

mus = {
  \afterGrace c''1\startBend { \once \hideNotes cih''16\stopBend }

  \new Staff \mus
  \new TabStaff \mus

renders properly.

Thus please post a minimal compiling code-example, only demonstrating
the problem.


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