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Re: Testers wanted

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: Testers wanted
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2021 11:31:18 +0200

Am Di., 13. Juli 2021 um 22:54 Uhr schrieb Knut Petersen
> Hi everybody,
> below you find links to four lilypond installers. These installers contain 
> LilyPond version git ee4513cb238cc (2.23.4) plus an additional patch that 
> implements a new backend based on cairo. All installers were built with a 
> modified version of GUB. Cairo 1.16.0 with Pixman 0.40 are used to produce  
> the output files.
> Mac OS X 10.4–10.14, Intel x86 CPU, 32 bit
> Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
> GNU/Linux x86, 32 bit
> GNU/Linux 64, 64 bit
> I tested the Linux installers, but I own neither a Windows nor a Mac OS X 
> system. It would be nice if some people could test the installers and the 
> lilypond system they provide. I'm especially interested in answers to the 
> following questions:
> Does installation work on your system?
> Does the cairo backend produce valid output?
> Is font handling ok? Also for asian fonts?
> Don't forget to include a short description of your system in 
> success/failure/error reports
> How to test:
> Select the desired output formats by any combination of the '--pdf', '--ps', 
> '--png' and '--svg' command line options and add -dbackend=cairo'. The 
> '--svg' option must precede  the '-dbackend=cairo' option.
> If the cairo backend is selected lilypond produces output files with 
>, cairo.pdf, cairo.png and cairo.svg extensions.
> Features:
> Faster than all other backends (at least on linux systems)
> Files that fail with the svg backend produce valid svg output with the cairo 
> backend.
> You can produce all output files in one run of lilypond
> Known problems / limitations:
> The cairo backend is _experimental_ code.
> Only setting of standard PDF metadata tags is supported ('Author', 'Title', 
> 'Subject', 'Keywords' and 'Creator'). 'Creation Time' and 'PDF Producer' are 
> set automatically.
> A lot of seldom used pdf features are not supported (e.g. embedding the 
> lilypond source file into the pdf document). There is also no support for 
> cropping, clipping, and all features that depend on ghostscripts extensions 
> of the postscript language (gs-nevern-embed-fonts, music-font-encodings, etc 
> ...)
> Internal page hyperlinks: If page is a forward reference (a link to a page 
> that has not been generated yet) cairo silently fails to generate correct 
> hyperlink. As this behaviour is not documented I tend to believe that it is a 
> cairo 1.16 bug, but I have to verify that assumption.
> SVG files produced by the cairo backend are bigger than SVG files produced by 
> the svg backend.
> PNG: -dresolution=dpi works, but I do not care about other parameters for 
> now. A rgba with transparent background and 8 bits per channel is generated.
> Knut

Hi Knut,

I'm on Ubuntu 64-bit 20.04 and used your
with the attached file.
I got:
$ lilypond -dbackend=cairo filename_名字♯.ly
GNU LilyPond 2.23.4
Processing `filename_名字♯.ly'
Finding the ideal number of pages...
Fitting music on 1 page...
Drawing systems...
Generating filename_名字♯.cairo.pdf ...lilypond:
std::string ly_scm2string(SCM): Assertion `scm_is_string (str)'
Aborted (core dumped)

Does the file hit some of the mentioned limitations?

Surprisingly an empty pdf "filename_名字♯.cairo.pdf" is generated.

Many thanks, working on this topic,

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