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Re: Persian music package

From: Kees van den Doel
Subject: Re: Persian music package
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2021 12:03:47 -0700

Hi Hans,
Thanks but I don't see how this helps.
I don't see the Koron or Sori anywhere in those files you sent. Tuning is defined correctly in already so there is no problem to solve there.  Problem is it does not compile anymore v > 2.12.

On Sat, Jul 31, 2021 at 11:49 AM Hans Åberg <> wrote:

> On 31 Jul 2021, at 19:41, Kees van den Doel <> wrote:
> A decade ago I wrote the attached header which supports Persian music notation + microtuning.
> A hack with a downloaded font is necessary as the Persian microtonal symbols, the koron and sori are not available in Lilypond,
> Strange, as these have been standard for over a century and there is a substantial body of music written requiring it.
> I'm still getting occasional requests for the package and I've used it to transcribe and compose many hours of Persian traditional music.

> Anyone have an idea on how I can get it to work with current version?

You might switch to using SmuFl and E53/E72; the accidentals are available in the Bravura font. E53 can now be used with Graham Breed's file For ETs multiples of 12, it is not needed.

I send you files for E53 and E72 with Helmholtz-Ellis notation. For Persian music, the double comma accidental would be suitable.

I recommend using E72 because relative E53/Pythagorean tuning, E72 adjusts the diatonic scale to E12, but the neutral seconds change only a few cents.

Adam Good reworked the Turkish makam file, and expressed interest in Arabic and Persian music, too. He also felt the the E53/E72 combination was good.

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