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Persian music package

From: Kees van den Doel
Subject: Persian music package
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2021 10:41:53 -0700

A decade ago I wrote the attached header which supports Persian music notation + microtuning.
A hack with a downloaded font is necessary as the Persian microtonal symbols, the koron and sori are not available in Lilypond,
Strange, as these have been standard for over a century and there is a substantial body of music written requiring it.
I'm still getting occasional requests for the package and I've used it to transcribe and compose many hours of Persian traditional music.

At the time it was version 2.12.2 and I took a snapshot of that version with the additional fonts already installed and an "example" directory to illustrate usage of

Available at

It does not work anymore with current Lilypond version: when compiling provided  example (after copying font files as documented in it trips over

"(ly:parser-set-note-names parser pitchnames)"

but that may not be all. I noticed there is no type1 directory anymore in the current Lilypond version.

Anyone have an idea on how I can get it to work with current version?  It works perfectly fine with the old version, but it is a bit annoying to be forced to use 2.12.


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