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Re: very simple off-topic question regarding command line viewing of pos

From: Lukas-Fabian Moser
Subject: Re: very simple off-topic question regarding command line viewing of postscript files on macOS
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2022 12:07:28 +0200
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Hi Andrew,

Sure this is an XY question, but the question for the OP is, in what way does outputting postscript simplify your workflow? What are you trying to achieve?

If you look at this list and many others, people ask questions because they are puzzled or stumped, and may not always ask the most pertinent question, perfectly phrased and in precise context.  I think this is totally forgivable. Labelling queries XY may not be the most helpful response when people are just seeking answers and floundering. Go easy on them. :-)

Since you wrote something similar yesterday to me:

Yes, but support lists and forums consist of a very large percentage of XY problems due to their very nature. I always ask people 'what is the real question?'.
I'd like to ask for clarification: In both cases, Jean as well as I wrote sentences of a similar structure:

Jean: "Bottom line: this may be an XY question. Why do you want to generate PostScript in the first place?" Lukas: "But your question seems sounds like an xy problem ( What do you want to achieve exactly?"

So, neither I nor (I'm sure of that) Jean intended to use the label "XY question" as a way to castigate the OP. For me, it's an - admittedly geeky (hence the Wikipedia link) - succinct way of saying: We probably could give you better help if we had a fuller picture of the fundamental problem you want to solve. Hence the followup questions: "Why do you want to Generate PostScript in the first place?" resp. "What do you want to achieve exactly?"

Since we're both not English native speakers, there may be a problem of missing the appropriate tonality involved. I'm positive that Jean didn't mean to say "that's not a good question, go away" any more than I did. Was this what our responses sounded like for a native speaker?


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