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Re: [Ltib] LTIB on Gentoo

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] LTIB on Gentoo
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2007 17:45:45 +0000

Hi Ken,

It took a bit of digging, mostly because installing gentoo was a bit of
a challenge (no one seems to know the later VMware installs need the
"BusLogic SCSI Driver" in the Gentoo kernel config).

Anyway, it's either an rpm problem, or a problem in the way Gentoo
builds rpmbuild (I suspect the latter).  Either way, what is wrong is
that Gentoo does not install (or build) the
file /usr/lib/rpm/magic.mgc .  So when rpmbuild runs the %Files section,
it silently dies with a SEGV (which is what ltib is catching).

The work around that I found that seems to work is: 

# file -C -m  /usr/share/misc/file/magic
# cp magic.mgc /usr/lib/rpm

Once you've done that, as you rnormal user:

$ rm -rf /tmp/rpm*
$ ./ltib 

And it should build and install ltib for you.

If anyone is Gentoo savvy, maybe you could report this issue to the
Gentoo mailing list. 

Regards, Stuart

On Mon, 2007-02-05 at 17:00 +0000, Stuart Hughes wrote:
> Hi Ken,
> The Gentoo discussion was off-list, but basically it was just a minor
> tweak to the detection of libstdc++-devel. There wasn't anything else.
> You could print out the version of $ec, just a 
>    print "returned ec = $ec\n";
> would do the trick. Not sure what that would show.
> I'm currently trying (and having a hard time) to install gentoo 2006.1
> in a VMware environment.  I'll let you know how I get on.  Hopefully
> once I've got it booting properly (I need to rebuild with scsi enabled)
> I can try to track this issue down (if I can re-create it).
> Regards, Stuart
> On Mon, 2007-02-05 at 11:31 -0500, Ken Gilmer wrote:
> > Hey Stuart,
> > 
> > > I'm not sure how to diagnose this without a gentoo machine.  I'll  
> > > google
> > > for a while and see if I can figure out something.  If you have any
> > > ideas or theories, that would be good to hear.  BTW: other people are
> > > using LTIB on Gentoo (not sure which version), so it should be  
> > > fixable.
> > 
> >    Could you point me to somewhere that has a discussion/dialog about  
> > getting Gentoo working with LTIB?  I've looked in the mailing lists  
> > and done a little googling but can't find anything.  I'll also post  
> > to the Gentoo forums to see if anything pops up.  In general, how  
> > does one go about debugging this sort of issue?  If I were to begin,  
> > what would you recommend in terms of approach and/or tools?  Would it  
> > be useful to just print out the value of $ec?  I'm certainly no pro  
> > at perl but I can muck my way around.
> > 

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