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Re: [lwip-users] httpd POST gets stuck after few requests

From: Adam Baron
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] httpd POST gets stuck after few requests
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2020 17:48:56 +0100

I found some info in httpd.c that has call to httpd_post_receive_data()

/** Pass received POST body data to the application and correctly handle
 * returning a response document or closing the connection.
 * ATTENTION: The application is responsible for the pbuf now, so don't free it!
 * @param hs http connection state
 * @param p pbuf to pass to the application
 * @return ERR_OK if passed successfully, another err_t if the response file
 *         hasn't been found (after POST finished)
static err_t
http_post_rxpbuf(struct http_state *hs, struct pbuf *p)

I guess, now I have to find out how to free pbuf.

út 4. 2. 2020 v 17:46 odesílatel Adam Baron <address@hidden> napsal:
I followed the contrib-2.1.0/examples/httpd/post_example/post_example.c, I did not notice any free of pbuf there.

I guess if application is responsible for pbuf free then only httpd_post_receive_data() is candidate as it has pointer to data pbuf as parameter?

út 4. 2. 2020 v 17:36 odesílatel goldsimon <address@hidden> napsal:

Adam Baron wrote:
>I did search of POST related problems sorted by date. I will do so
>PBUF_POOL_SIZE is affecting number of POST I can do directly. That is,
>can do as many posts as PBUF_POOL_SIZE is defined.

I think the user reporting this last time,did not free the pbuf passed to the post start callback, but I could remember wrong...


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