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LYNX-DEV isolating CHANGES posts

From: Al Gilman
Subject: LYNX-DEV isolating CHANGES posts
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 1997 18:26:31 -0500 (EST)

  From: Russell McOrmond <address@hidden>

  > Do you want this to be a guestbook so that developers can autonomously
  > post to it?  Do you want it to be a HyperMail?  Do you want Russell
  > to set up a parallel channel just for posting CHANGES via email?
    This might be interesting - a simple 'approval needed' (With the 
  developers knowing the password) list could be set up that would 
  advertise changes/etc, and keep the discussion/etc to the main list.
Yes.  I'm not sure that we even need password protection.  And maybe
the auto-cross-posting to lynx-dev should be done at for
speed.  It could be as simple as one email address for lynx-announce
that gets copied to lynx-dev but archived separately.  And would refer to the latest-month-index-page of the
lynx-announce archive for "what's new."  If we migrate the messages
onto lynx-dev at, what we would need at FLORA is mail filtering
going into the archive based on the to: address.  Is that one of
your warm spare bag of tricks or a read-and-think the way it would
be for me...

I see more trouble getting people to use it than keeping people from
abusing it, myself.

Al Gilman
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