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Re: LYNX-DEV isolating CHANGES posts

From: Al Gilman
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV isolating CHANGES posts
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 1997 20:31:32 -0500 (EST)

  From: Russell McOrmond <address@hidden>

  > lynx-announce archive for "what's new."  If we migrate the messages
  > onto lynx-dev at, what we would need at FLORA is mail filtering
  > going into the archive based on the to: address.  Is that one of
  > your warm spare bag of tricks or a read-and-think the way it would
  > be for me...
    I could add such a filter fairly quickly.

  > I see more trouble getting people to use it than keeping people from
  > abusing it, myself.
    I guess I'm just looking at my Email box and at the number of SPAM 
  messages I, and the various lists I subscribe to, receive.  SPAM 
  filtering has become an almost full-time job.
Strangely enough, lynx-dev has been running open and we get some junk
posts from people who can't find ^G after they have stumbled into
send-a-comment mode; but the spam level has been real low.

So I don't think we need to be in a hurry to password protect
lynx-announce however it gets mechanized.
Even if we do eventually need to restrict posting to the
-announce list, the authorized posters don't need to mess with
passwords.  Bob can set the list to be members-only posting and
subscriptions-by-approval and the authorized posters will be all
that gets through Majordomo.

Al Gilman

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