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Re: LYNX-DEV ISO-8859-2 SGML entites - second version

From: Hynek Med
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV ISO-8859-2 SGML entites - second version
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 1997 13:02:55 +0100 (MET)

On Sat, 15 Mar 1997, Klaus Weide wrote:

> On Sun, 16 Mar 1997, Hynek Med wrote:
> > Here goes my patch to add all ISO-8859-2 entities to HTMLDTD.c. The
> > patch is relative to lynx2-7 subdirectory. 
> Ok, I'll put them in the code so they'll be there when I upload a new
> version.  Then we can see whether they create any problems.


> Btw you didn't answer my question whether you had encountered eny real
> sites with pages that uses these entities.  Just curious.

Well, in short, no. I think I remember someone requesting this as a
feature for one of the "nationalizing" cgi-scripts, but I haven't seen it
in reality yet. No browser supports it. Yet. :-)

> > - soft hyphen as ­ works but ­ doesn't display anything
> Both should not display anything unless at rhe end of a line.  That's
> how soft hyphen is supposed to work, Fote probably put much work into
> getting that right.

OK, then ­ at the end of line displays a minus, not a soft hyphen, and
­ at the end of line displays the soft hyphen. ­ in the middle 
of a line displays a soft hyphen too, ­ in the middle of a line
displays nothing. In short, it almost works.

> > - small n with acute is displayed as 'n', ñ you have on the same
> >   line (why, BTW?) is displayed as 'n', too
> An oversight I had not noticed before.  I changed it now in 
> <URL:>, so you should
> now see three n's on that line, each and every one of them with an acute
> accent.

OK, they work fine now.

> > - capital D with stroke as &#272; works but &Dstrok; is displayed as DH,
> > though small d with stroke works as it should
> That is from the old-style ISO_Latin2[] table in LYCharSets.c (as Dave
> has also observed).  The line
>         "DH",   /* capital Eth, Icelandic - Dstrok */
> there should become
>        "\320",   /* capital D with stroke - Dstrok */

It works with this - and so "capital Eth, Icelandic - ETH" on the next
line needs to be changed, if I understand it right.. 

> > - capital N with acute displays &Nacute; - I don't know why
> And you missed that "capital L, stroke" gets displayed as N with acute :)
> At least that is what I see.

I see that now too. :-)

> That seems to be a long-standing error in the Linux kbd package (from
> where I took some of the tables).  You can reproduce it with
>    echo -e '\033%G'                    # UTF-8 mode on
>    less -r /usr/doc/keytables/utflist  # or wherever you have that file
>    echo -e '\033%@'                    # UTF-8 mode off
> if you have the utflist file from the kbd package.
> If you want to correct it yourself for now, change the second occurrence
> of U+0141 in iso02_uni.tbl to U+0143.

Tried this, and it worked.


Hynek Med, address@hidden

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