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Re: lynx-dev handling the bookmarks file.

From: Darynn
Subject: Re: lynx-dev handling the bookmarks file.
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 23:13:36 -0700

Eduardo Chappa L. wrote:
> ... What I like about the handling of the bookmarks
> in netscape is the fact that you can create folders and group them
> together. Unfortunately Lynx doesn't do this and one has to manually edit
> the file to do it. This really does not bother me much although it would
> be nice to have it. What I would like to have is Lynx removing folders
> inside this bookmarks file. The version of netscape that I'm using creates
> a new folder inside my bookmarks file that I don't want it to be there and
> I can not remove using lynx. I can of course remove the links through
> lynx, but not the folder. The title remains there. I guess I can have now
> the same folder several times as long as I keep adding links into my
> bookmarks file (This is something I do through lynx)
>   Does someone have any suggestion that is not having two bookmarks file
> or edit it manually ?

Well, I always edit my bookmarks manually... I have to, since I
re-organized the hell out of it. :)  If you want to see what I did
to my bookmarks, go to - it
might give you some inspiration for doing your own style.

With my method, the Lynx 'Add Document' link adder does new bookmark
adding just fine, but because of all the new markup, forget using
the 'Remove Link' command.  However, since the URL is actually a
symlink to my lynx_bookmarks.html, and is the Start Page for Lynx.
I can simply press 'e' and have it pop everything into an editor for
quick fixes.

One thing though....are you using the DOS or Win port?  It sounds
like you might be, and I'm not certain whether it is as simple to do
there as it is in Unix...

The added markup on my page, like the added markup in Netscape's
creation, will break the link removal system, though.  There is no
way around this for some really good technical reasons that I can't
remember anymore having to do with how Lynx keeps track of the links
in the bookmark file.

Anyone else have some better tech assistance on this matter?

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