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Re: lynx-dev Java version of Lynx

From: Mehran Mehr
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Java version of Lynx
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 22:15:17 +0430 (IRST)

On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Deckler, Greg wrote:

> I was curious if there was a version of Lynx developed or being developed
> for Java and if so where I might be able to download it.  It would seem to
> me that Lynx is the perfect browser for handheld devices like Blackberry
> devices, Palms and mobile phones.  Palm seems to be starting to migrate
> toward java support and that is already RIM's direction.  It would seem that
> a Lynx Java version would be very beneficial and have huge advantages over
> things like WAP, clipping, etc.

I think jumping from C to Java is not so easy. In fact writing such a huge
project in raw C is not a good programming practice. I think it is better
to rewrite Lynx in C++. It seems writing Java code from C++ code is 

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