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Re: lynx-dev Java version of Lynx

From: Mehran Mehr
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Java version of Lynx
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 12:43:06 +0430 (IRST)

With special thanks to John Brajkovic, David Woolley, Klaus Weide and
Gregory J. Deckler.

I am not good in english writing, I am a programmer, and I believe modular
porogramming is better than spaghetti programming. Reading and
understanding Lynx source-code needs some kind of reverse engineering!

In order to save Lynx project, we should write its code again, more
clearer. We can divide Lynx into many sub-projects, and in this way the
core of Lynx will be small and readable. For example rendering HTML text
is a sub-project of Lynx, which can be written by an individual. We can
define many sub-projects like this (e.g. caching, http interface, ftp
interface, ...), and in this manner these sub-projects will be useable in
many other projects other than Lynx.

Lynx is under GNU Public Licence, and GNU encourages open-source
programming. Unreadable source-codes are useless.


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