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lynx-dev Java version of Lynx

From: Deckler, Greg
Subject: lynx-dev Java version of Lynx
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 16:49:50 -0400

I was curious if there was a version of Lynx developed or being developed
for Java and if so where I might be able to download it.  It would seem to
me that Lynx is the perfect browser for handheld devices like Blackberry
devices, Palms and mobile phones.  Palm seems to be starting to migrate
toward java support and that is already RIM's direction.  It would seem that
a Lynx Java version would be very beneficial and have huge advantages over
things like WAP, clipping, etc.

Gregory J. Deckler
        igniting information management 
        and e-business
(614) 893-4170

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