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Re: [GMG-Devel] Replace tarnsifex in mediagoblin?

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] Replace tarnsifex in mediagoblin?
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2014 10:55:37 -0500
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address@hidden writes:

> address@hidden writes:
>> On 2014-08-07
>> vlado <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> Hi ,
>>> In my opinion it's not appropriate to force me to use centralized
>>> translation solution (transifex) with what is effectively
>>> decentralized social media system. Is there any way to use local
>>> translation?
>>> Thanks
>>> Regards
>>> Vladimir:
>> Hello,
>> I have been translating various free software packages and I must say I 
>> agree.
>> Transifex allows you to download and upload a PO file, but IIRC you need to 
>> run
>> nonfree JS in your web browser for this to work. I also tried using the `tx`
>> program once, but for a reason I don't remember it failed. The point is,
>> regardless of technical terms Transifex is proprietary and centralized.
>> I recently decided to stop looking for workarounds and just ask project
>> developers to push PO files directly to Git, but large projects don't do that
>> (and it's much more complicated than using translator-friendly tools) and 
>> then
>> I miss many projects I would otherwise like to translate.
>> The best solution I know is running a local Pootle server as part of the
>> project, e.g. at a subdomain of the project website. No centralized service
>> dependency and full support for PO files, including download and upload.
>> Just a personal feeling, anyway. If any of my projects ever needs a 
>> translation
>> server, I'll use a locally installed one because that's the best (maybe 
>> nearly
>> the only) way to actively support decentralization and community 
>> sustainability.
> Heya,
> Sorry about taking so long to reply to this thread.
> Transifex was not originally proprietary when we started to use it... it
> was free software, GPLv2, and python based.  We were also using it at
> Creative Commons when I worked there, and it was well liked.
> still has the old free software
> codebase.  Unfortunately it is no longer maintained, and Transifex went
> proprietary, and we weren't aware... it slipped under my radar.  I
> hadn't realized it until they sent me an email mentioning that they were
> excited to be patenting their Transifex Live system, which lead to a
> "WTF?" moment.  Until that moment, I thought Transifex was still free
> software.
> We'll be moving to something else, but I am a bit overloaded, and weo
> need to get 0.7.0 out the door along with rewards.  After that I'll be
> looking at moving us over.
> Yes, MediaGoblin relying on proprietary software is unacceptable.  We
> didn't realize it was happening because that rug was pulled out of our
> feet while we were still standing on it.
> If someone wants to volunteer to help with the move, we'll probably
> either be moving to WikiTranslate or Pootle.
> Thanks!
>  - Chris

You can follow along here, by the way.

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