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Upcoming MediaGoblin minor release

From: Ben Sturmfels
Subject: Upcoming MediaGoblin minor release
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2020 19:06:56 +1000
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Hi Folks,

I'd like to aim for a minor release of MediaGoblin by April 30 (just
over two weeks).

New features

The significant new features are the multi-resolution video updates [1]
and subtitles plugin [2]. Is anyone aware of any other significant new
functionality that is worth highlighting? I'll also go through the git
history and make a list of the bug fixes and minor improvements to go
into the release notes.

Blocking issues

When I ran the test suite today everything is passing aside from a few
skipped tests due to missing plugin dependencies, which is great.

Olivier Mehani has kindly outlined his list of wishlist/priority issues
[3]. The only one I think we need to fix for this minor release is the
audio thumbnails. The underlying issue is that the audiolab library
doesn't support Python 3, so currently Python 3 MediaGoblin just uses a
generic image as the thumbnail. The feature is still buggy in Python 2
though, and since this is likely to be our last Python 2 release (see
below), I propose we strip the audiolab-related spectrograms out
completely. I'd rather have a less attractive but bug-free experience.
Any thoughts on that?

Final Python 2-compatible release

Python 2 is becoming more problematic by the day since many of our
dependencies are making Python 3-only releases and we don't have an
upper version limit specified. The effect is that an install that works
one day may break the next day due to a new release of a dependency. For
this minor release I propose we pin all Python 2 dependencies to the
most recent working version. I propose we drop Python 2 in the next
major version.

Version number?

This is a bit of a mixed release, being the first since 0.9.0 and
including a couple of significant features plus a good dose of bug fixes
and minor improvements. I think this a little more than a "0.9.1", so
how about we call this 0.10.0?

Anything else I've missed?


[1] Multi-resolution videos by Vijeth Tumkur Aradhya (GSOC 2017):

[2] Subtitles plugin by Saksham Agrawal (GSOC 2016)

[3] Olivier's wishlist

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