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monit display/servlet question

From: Ashley Graham
Subject: monit display/servlet question
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 07:07:57 -0500

Hello, just installed monit here on my local development machine to stop overloading. I couldn't be happier.

I do have one question though: does the generated HTML have to be so ... unappealing? (No hard feelings, I mean no offense)

I'm not talking about useless ajax, or even simple _javascript_. Perhaps some light pruning if you will: some design altering.

I, being the adventurous young man that I am, downloaded the source code, thinking I might play around and see what could be done, any upgrades sent upstream so I could hopefully simplify the whole process.

The trouble is I don't know a speck of C.

I still want to help, but don't know how I could. If anyone can think of a possible situation, I'd be more than willing to help.

I truly hope this goes somewhere, seriously. Even though I'm asking you to help me help you (and you guys didn't even ask for my design advice).

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