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Re: monit display/servlet question

From: Ashley Graham
Subject: Re: monit display/servlet question
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 17:01:58 -0500

I think it is good to keep the simple overview on the first page and
expand the details when needed (on demand).

When we will put everything on the one page, the user will need to watch
many uninteresting details and scroll to find the problems. When there
are just few services then it could work, but there are also users which
watch tens or hundreds of services in one monit instance, and single
page design may make their life harder.

I didn't think people watched that many services (stupid me). Can monit churn out the "mis-behaving" services first for the interface? They could get home-page billing.

Can monit determine the number of services monitored itself? Say if the number of services is under ten (for simple users) it's a single page, and over that it can be split up into groups?

There is also example in the case of monit CLI ... formerly monit has
just 'monit status', which looks similar to the mockup. Lot of users
were also calling for simple CLI overview which lead to the
implementation of 'monit summary'.

Another problem could be to view such page via mobile phone ... it is
good to see as few informations as possible to find the target of
interest quickly.

What if I named the "monitoring" header (underneath the page header) to "quick access"? Those links scroll the page down to that process, getting back to that link list you just have to hit the back button, I could also ass a "back to top" link.

I think it is also useful to group the services according to the service
type like current GUI does.

I completely forgot about groups. They could be merged in, like I mentioned above, or some other way.


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