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Re: handle graphics

From: Shai Ayal
Subject: Re: handle graphics
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 06:49:15 +0200

One note on properties: I think some of them need to be new octave
types. The types of properties I am already aware of:

types which exist in octave:

types which don't exist in octave yet:
* multiple choice or radio button type: where you can choose one of a
limited sets of values
* color: can be either a RGB vector or a basic color name (e.g.
* a combination of the above two: e.g. something which can be either
"none" or a basic color or a RGB vector

This also raises the following question: Who will be responsible for
checking the values of the properties? will octave do it before
passing it to the GUI or will the GUI do it?
Having octave do it will ensure the one code will work on all GUIs
although some GUIs may not support all properties. However this will
be a long and tedious task to code. If the GUIs check the values, this
could open the possibilities that some GUIs will be able to have
"special" properties/values -- lets say the the very sophisticated
kooctplot will want to give you CYMK color -- it can do that, but code
written for it will not run on other GUIs.

Shai Ayal

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