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Re: google groups and Usenet

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: google groups and Usenet
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 22:30:01 -0400

On  8-Sep-2005, Colin Ingram wrote:

| I don't want to create a new mailing list. (which I think is what this 
| procedure would do.) Nor do I think everyone on the list wants to send 
| their messages to two different mailing lists just for my benefit.
| what I am thinking of is more along the lines of debian-user is set up 
| so that it is mirror as linux.debian.user and I can read it from google 
| groups without having the thousands of users sign up for google groups

Do messages that are posted to the list from the google groups
interface also show up on the mailing list (i.e., you have a list ->
news gateway and a news -> list gateway)?  I think you would want
both.  The only problem I have with setting up a gateway like this is
that we currently require subscription to post.  How would that work
with a news -> list gateway?

On a related note, I'm interested in moving the lists from the current
location and having someone else manage them.  Is anyone interested in
helping with that?


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