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Deprecate cut()?

From: forkandwait
Subject: Deprecate cut()?
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2010 22:49:23 +0000 (UTC)
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There is a discussion at the bug tracker regarding whether cut() should be
deprecated, a warning added, or taken out of main.  I vote add a warning and
leave in, but now that I have been educated about histc, I will never use cut()
again anyway (though a lot of people coming from R/SPLUS or other languages
might try a cut() function like I did).


An aside:  There seem to be a lot of bugs that haven't been picked up at the bug
tracker, but this one got nailed right away -- I was wondering if it is because
I posted a question about it here, which might have gotten emailed to likely
octave hackers.  Perhaps there should be an email sent with each new bug?  Or
does Savannah take care of doing that for all interested hackers?  Or is it just
that adding 3 lines to the cut() function is satisfyingly simple?

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