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Re: [OctDev] munge-texi problem with static library build

From: Rik
Subject: Re: [OctDev] munge-texi problem with static library build
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 20:14:55 -0700

On 03/16/2011 05:51 PM, Rob Frohne wrote:
> Hi Rik,
> Thanks for the reply.  I think you might have Dan and me mixed up.  I'm
> Rob, and Dan was looking at the C code.  I did as you suggested.  Before I
> removed the old .DOCSTRINGS and DOCSTRINGS I looked at them.  The ones in
> the /src directory were empty.  DOCSTRINGS in the script directory was not,
> but .DOCSTRINGS was.  I saved the ones in the script directory if you would
> like to see them.  Here is the tail of the output of make all.  It looks
> like it contains some clues.  Perhaps all those "No such file or directory"
> are problems.
> mv doc-files-t doc-files
> ./mkgendoc doc-files > gendoc.cc-t
> cat: bitfcns.df: No such file or directory
> Should I file a bug report?


Unfortunately, I don't believe you will be able to easily build a
statically linked version of Octave.  I just tried with the development
code and it bombs out pretty badly.  The generated Makefile in the src
directory, for example, can't even be read by Make because a line
continuation character is missing.  Furthermore, if you look at Makefile.am
in the src directory you will find this comment:
  ## FIXME -- this list is probably not complete now.  It may not even
  ## be possible to build a statically linked copy of Octave that is
  ## fully functional.

I would suggest looking for a different solution to whatever issue you face
because this will not be resolved quickly, if it is even fixed at all.


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