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Re: [OctDev] munge-texi problem with static library build

From: Rob Frohne
Subject: Re: [OctDev] munge-texi problem with static library build
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 21:47:21 -0700
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Hi Dan and Ric,

Thanks for the advice. I'm finished with this quarter and the class has balanced their inverted pendulums using Octave 3.4 on Ubuntu, with two machines for 20 students, which was difficult. Fortunately the PC lab has MATLAB and it is pretty close to Octave. I may be teaching the class again next quarter due to medical problems in my colleague's family. I was trying to get ready for that. My problem is that the administrator has a policy that he won't install anything not in the RPM's and he won't upgrade Redhat to version 6 until next summer at the earliest, and he won't allow me sudo privileges. He spent a few minutes trying to compile octave too, but gave up quickly. The RPM version on Redhat 5 is Octave 3.0.xx, which doesn't have the features I need in the area of state space control.

I think having the ability to build a static executable is useful, and I'd like to not give up on this. I did fix the issue you mentioned with the make file, by editing it to replace five spaces with a tab. Perhaps I should file a bug on this, and work on it when I get back from Spring Break.

Thanks for the help!


On 03/16/2011 09:21 PM, Daniel J Sebald wrote:
On 03/16/2011 10:14 PM, Rik wrote:
On 03/16/2011 05:51 PM, Rob Frohne wrote:
Hi Rik,

Thanks for the reply.  I think you might have Dan and me mixed up.  I'm
Rob, and Dan was looking at the C code. I did as you suggested. Before I removed the old .DOCSTRINGS and DOCSTRINGS I looked at them. The ones in the /src directory were empty. DOCSTRINGS in the script directory was not, but .DOCSTRINGS was. I saved the ones in the script directory if you would like to see them. Here is the tail of the output of make all. It looks like it contains some clues. Perhaps all those "No such file or directory"
are problems.

mv doc-files-t doc-files
./mkgendoc doc-files>  gendoc.cc-t
cat: bitfcns.df: No such file or directory

Should I file a bug report?


Unfortunately, I don't believe you will be able to easily build a
statically linked version of Octave.  I just tried with the development
code and it bombs out pretty badly.  The generated Makefile in the src
directory, for example, can't even be read by Make because a line
continuation character is missing. Furthermore, if you look at Makefile.am
in the src directory you will find this comment:
   ## FIXME -- this list is probably not complete now.  It may not even
   ## be possible to build a statically linked copy of Octave that is
   ## fully functional.

I would suggest looking for a different solution to whatever issue you face
because this will not be resolved quickly, if it is even fixed at all.



With regards to Rik's point, my advice is to become well versed on building and installing Octave on your Ubuntu machine and then contact the administrator of the RedHat machines about compiling Octave on the RedHat machines with your assistance if needed. Actually, it would be easiest if you just make sure the administrator installs all the necessary tools to build Octave (gcc, automake, tex, etc.) and enough hard drive space for you to compile a local copy that you and students can use. That way you can upgrade Octave whenever you like.

Installing the compiler and other tools, I believe, is just a simple matter of the administrator going to the Add/Remove Software menu, clicking a few radio boxes and wait five minutes.


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