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Re: nlinfit in octave

From: Asma Afzal
Subject: Re: nlinfit in octave
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2015 11:57:41 +0100

Hi Olaf,

Thank you for committing lsqnonlin and lsqcurvefit on my behalf.

Could you please check nlinfit in [1] and related functions in [2-4]
and see if they could be integrated?

Kind Regards,

[1] https://github.com/AsmaAfzal/octave_workspace/blob/master/nlinfit.m
[3] https://github.com/AsmaAfzal/octave_workspace/blob/master/statset.m
[4] https://github.com/AsmaAfzal/octave_workspace/blob/master/statget.m

On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 11:07 AM, Olaf Till <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 05:51:37PM -0700, AsmaA wrote:
>> - Check for name-value pairs. My code only assumes only one possible
>> name-value pair input.
> I don't understand what you mean here.
>> > Copy, and make the appropriate slight changes to, 'optimset.m',
>> > 'optimget.m', and '__all_opts__.m' from core Octave and rename them to
>> > 'statset.m', 'statget.m', and e.g. '__all_stat_opts__.m',
>> > respectively. For now, these functions can probably be distributed
>> > with the optim package. 'nlinfit' will have to include a line
>> > e.g. like
>> >
>> > ## PKG_ADD: __all_stat_opts__ ("nlinfit");
>> Done in [2]-[4].
> Can you please adher to the respective functions of the _current_
> Octave version, with minimal changes. The original copyright in these
> functions must be retained. The minor changes don't justify a further
> copyright line. But it must be mentioned as a comment in the code that
> you (not me) copied and slightly changed them. In the copyright
> notice, it can't be stated that the function is part of Octave,
> because strictly speaking it is not (it is meant to be distributed
> with the optim package). Use 'this function' instead of 'Octave'.
>>  I wasn't sure how to initialize __all_stat_opts__. I
>> used __all_stat_opts__ ("stat_opts") where I created a function
>> stat_opts in [5].
> Initializing it this way is not necessary, __all_opts__ or
> __all_stat_opts__ only store the options which specific functions
> anounce. 'nlinfit' has to announce all options it means to support,
> and only these, but including those it supports indirectly by calling
> optimset with them. The latter of course means having some identical
> options both in the optimset and in the statset system.
> Have you got a private mercurial repository of your versions, or would
> you like to make one? I could also do this with the versions you
> published.
> Olaf
> PS: Please retain in your E-Mails the lines which state who is
> cited. Please clean your code thoroughly of TABs.
> --
> public key id EAFE0591, e.g. on x-hkp://pool.sks-keyservers.net

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