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Re: Missing functions in the statistics package.

From: Dag
Subject: Re: Missing functions in the statistics package.
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 02:52:45 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks everyone for your help.

There are many ways to write and test code. I have this procedure in mind:

1. Download the source code of Octave and do a local installation.

I downloaded v. 3.8.2 and compiled it in Linux Mint after installing
relevant Debian packages ( http://wiki.octave.org/Octave_for_Debian_systems
<http://wiki.octave.org/Octave_for_Debian_systems>  ). All the tests run by
"make check" complete successfully.

2. Make a local installation of the package to be edited.

I installed the statistics package v. 1.2.4 using the command  "pkg install
-local statistics-1.2.4.tar.gz". It loads successfully.

3. Make some edits of code including test cases and reinstall (uninstall +
install) the relevant package.

4. Run tests and see if there are any errors.

5. Run 3-4 iteratively until the goal has been attained and there are no
known bugs.

6. Upload code to a repository or something.

I am about to start doing step 3 now. I will take a look at the code
guidelines and internal information that you have and proceed accordingly.

Some questions:

* An attempt to run all the tests ("make check") failed with Octave 4.0.0,
so I cannot test my code there. But since I am not dealing with the core,
this may not be important until at a later stage.

* I have an Octave installation that comes with Linux Mint packages. But I
do not want to make changes to this one when doing my coding, because I need
a stable installation for other purposes. I will be using the local
installation for code writing and testing.

* Bounds checking is good for debugging purposes. I will try this and
reinstall my local Octave if it makes debugging easier.

* I am used to writing code in Eclipse and save them with git. There is no
indication that Octave programmers are using these tools. Should I just make
edits in a simple text editor and reinstall iteratively the package being

* I can run "make check" for testing Octave core. But how do I test a

* As for coding, I was thinking of writing the prob.* statistical functions
listed in  http://wiki.octave.org/Statistics_package
<http://wiki.octave.org/Statistics_package>  . If this succeeds and is fun,
I will be doing more later. But what do the functions entail? Is it random
number generation, PDFs, or CDFs? Are they based on function declarations in
Matlab? MathWorks has got a lot of information on the Internet. Where can I
find are the function declarations in that case? (If we are writing
independent code, this does not apply and we will make our own.)

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