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Re: step by step guide to update code in a package

From: Sudeepam Pandey
Subject: Re: step by step guide to update code in a package
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2018 01:49:29 +0530

On Mon 13 Aug, 2018, 1:23 AM octavecontrib, <address@hidden> wrote:
Based on information from the wiki
I am trying to update some code in certain functions in the 'control' package of Octave.
  1. I cloned the control package repository using mercurial.
  2. I made a commit to my local repository to have a save state to go back to.
  3. I modified the relevant .m file.
  4. The main Makefile has an option to build ('all'), check ('check') and run Octave ('run') with the modified files.
  5. The 'run' option in the Makefile however opens octave in no-gui mode. But the changes I made have to do with figures and plotting.
Not sure if this will solve your problem, but try making your modifications, then build the normal way and then to open GUI octave after building, try: 
>>./run-octave --gui
  1. So, I opened Ocatve separately and 'addpath()' both 'inst' and 'src' folders in my local repository.
  2. Upon trying to run some scripts to test, Octave complained of missing functions.
  3. So, I copied the 'PKG_ADD' file containing the 'autoload()' functions from the released package folder ('/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/octave/packages/control-3.0.0/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-api-v51') to my local repository.
  4. I tested my modifications.
  5. I committed the modifications to my local repository.
  6. ???
I'm not sure if this method is correct, to me it seems that you are missing something here, but that is just a guess. Someone who is more familiar with this may acknowledge this later on.
  • Is there a STEP BY STEP tutorial or guide for package modification?
  • Is there some established WORKFLOW for package modification? (steps 6 and 8 above don't seem proper)
  • I want to know if the steps 1-9 above are correct and what to do next to submit the changes to the package maintainers.
Thanks in advance,

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