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Problems using latest build

From: José Abílio Matos
Subject: Problems using latest build
Date: Sat, 04 May 2019 18:18:13 +0100

  when running the latest build, HG ID for this build is "39b4341c3376", I 
noticed two problems:

1) Starting the editor (in --gui mode), typing a program, and the saving 
(using the Ctr+S shortcut) results in a long delay (almost a minute). During 
this period octave is frozen and the graphical interface does not react. This 
is reproducible for me.

2) In the same script if I try to run it and the script has an error (in my 
case I had a line "for ii in 1:N" -- wrong language, I know :-) ) the output 

parse error near line 12 of file /home/jamatos/tmp/inbox/test_subassgn.m

  syntax error

>>> N = 100;

The line number is right, but the line shown is the first line of the script 
and not the place where the error occurs.

In this particular case octave 5.1.0 reports

parse error near line 12 of file /home/jamatos/tmp/inbox/test_subassgn.m

  syntax error

>>> for ii in 1:N

For what is worth this happens using Fedora 30.

José Matos

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