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Re: Markdown processor recommendation?

From: Ardid, Salva
Subject: Re: Markdown processor recommendation?
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2019 10:44:37 +0000

El dilluns, 21 d’octubre de 2019, a les 22:59:10 EDT, Rik va escriure:

  On 10/21/2019 06:10 PM, Kai Torben Ohlhus wrote:
  > On 10/22/19 9:35 AM, Rik wrote:
  >> On 10/21/2019 05:05 PM, Ardid, Salva wrote:
  >>> El dilluns, 21 d’octubre de 2019, a les 19:52:38 EDT, Rik va escriure:
  >>>   Does anyone have a recommendation for a Markdown processor?  I did the
  >>>   obvious thing and used the 'markdown' Debian package, but it is code 
  >>>   2004 and does an awful job on the Octave NEWS file.  I want to convert 
  >>>   NEWS file to something else, like HTML, so I can preview how it appears.
  >>>   --Rik
  >>> I strongly recommend using discount:
  >> I tried discount Debian package and it produces the same odd rendering for
  >> the first sentences of the NEWS file.  Dang!
  >> The NEWS file begins
  >> - The `intersect`, `setdiff', `setxor`, `union`, and `unique` functions
  >>   accept a new sorting option `"stable"` which will return output values
  >>   in the same order as the input, rather than in ascending order.
  >> Either markdown or discount produce
  >> <li><p>The <code>intersect</code>,
  >> <code>setdiff',</code>setxor<code>,</code>union<code>,
  >> and</code>unique<code>functions
  >> accept a new sorting option</code>&ldquo;stable&rdquo;` which will return
  >> output values 
  >> in the same order as the input, rather than in ascending order.</p></li>
  >> The comma character ',' seems to be messing up the markdown parser. 
  >> Instead of each single function name getting wrapped in <code>...</code>
  >> blocks, the wrapping seems arbitrary.
  >> --Rik
  > Rik, I think all Markdown tools did a great job.  Our Markdown markup in
  > your mentioned case was bad, see
  > Markdown is a super plain robust standard, I can hardly imagine that
  > tools from 2004 would not do a great job, when neglecting GitHub
  > Flavored Markdown, Kramdown or other newer extensions.
  Thanks, that fix takes care of it.
  After clearing that hurdle, I reviewed the resulting HTML and there were a
  few other places that didn't render well.  I fixed those up here
 although I bet
  the double spaces at the end of one of the lines--which are required to
  introduce a line break in HTML--get deleted in the future by someone intent
  on cleaning trailing spaces.
  > Kai
Perhaps this is not that useful for your use case (and maybe other converters 
also do it), but just in case, with Discount you can pass markdown 
flavors/styles as arguments via a CSS file (I tried with Github and 
Markdown-here styles I found on the internet).

Using this you can anticipate how markdown files will look like in certain 
environments. Or, although I'm not totally sure this is an option in Discount's 
library, embed the library in Octave to make the conversion with the flavor you 
like (or create a new style specific for Octave; I did that myself cherry 
picking from Github and Markdown-here styles).

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