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help to rewrite in correct english

From: Hilaire Fernandes
Subject: help to rewrite in correct english
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 20:31:12 +0800


I need some assitance to rewrite correctly a small annoucment
about free software and education.
Email to me directly if you are volunteer



Follow the text:


The Freeduc project of OFSET - to categorize, to  evaluate and to create
packages  of free software easy to  install for  education and teaching - 
 is looking  for volunteers to evaluate and  to package the software
already referenced in Freeduc.

The  software reference  data base  is hosted  at the  OFSET  web host
( and the rpm packages at the ftp site on
sourceforge (,  the CVS on
sourceforge is  used on  the model one  package one module  to contain
patches and .spec file needed to  create a .rpm file from the original
.tgz package file.

To  participate in  the packaging  work, you  need a  Sourceforge user
account and to contact us  (address@hidden). The Freeduc FAQ may be
helpful also (


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