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Pre release for the cygwin/windows setup. Tests needed.

From: unknown-1
Subject: Pre release for the cygwin/windows setup. Tests needed.
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 22:59:28 +0200


I just uploaded a Cygwin version of the latest pspp pre release..

Anybody who has time. Feel free to test it.

New issue for the users and not mentioned in the readme, you need administrator rights to use to advanced features form the GUI.

For the developers:
- does the gui write temporary files somewhere other as in /tmp ? It looks as if the program crashes on this when it doesn't have write priviliges
- there are several issues with the dll's
 1)  cygpsppire-0.dll is build and cygpsppire.dll is used
 2)  cyppsppwidget-0.dll is build and used, But the program seems to look only in the current directory for it
There is a work around for it, but this could give problems in the future.


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