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Re: Acessing the GUI

From: Andy Choens
Subject: Re: Acessing the GUI
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2008 20:45:30 -0400
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As a Ubuntu use, I can confirm what Ben said. The version of pspp in the repos does not include psppire. To get psppire on Ubuntu, you will need to compile the 0.6 release or use a binary someone else compiled. If you are running x86, I can send you a binary. If you are running 64-bit or Mac, I don't have anything that will work on your machine.

If you want the binary, I'll send it to you (off-list). But, this binary comes with a couple of caveats. 1) You'll need to install all dependencies by hand, since I was a lzay sod and didn't set up the .deb file to do that AND you will need to accept the risk that I did the compile. This binary may steal your soul or eat your first born child.

That being said, it works great for me.


thekingofcheap wrote:
Hi all, I am a student taking a statistics course and found PSPP as an
alternative to SPSS (I run Ubuntu).

I've downloaded and installed PSPP through the repos but I can't figure out
how to access the GUI.  Somewhere I saw the command "psppire" but my
terminal didn't recognize it.  Is there another way?  I know I must sound
dumb, but I've searched around and found nothing.

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